EARLY HISTORY- During the Spanish period, Poro was already a thriving community with two settlements; (Maktang now a sitio of barangay Esperanza of Poro) and Tag anito ( now the municipality Of Tudela). Due to the periodic raids of the Moro pirates, they were advised by the Alcalde Mayor of Cebu to unify  and defend themselves from the attacks. A conflict arose as to what settlement becomes the seat of government. On the advise of Panganuron, and elder who lived in the banks of river ( now barangay libertad ) the two settlements journeyed on foot towards each other at the break of day. They met on the site of what is now the Poblacion, Poro approximately eight kilometers from each settlement. On that day, both tribes came to live together for the first time. They built a chapel on this site and later on became a parish church and the seat of government.